49 thoughts on “Get Ready: The Bronx River High School will open its doors this September! Be part of the first freshman class!

  1. Yes, all schools located on the Lehman Campus have metal detectors, and we do also have a uniform. The uniform is a green polo shirt with school logo, black or blue khaki pants (no cargo pants), and solid black shoes, sneakers or boots (must be solid black, no color highlights at all).

  2. Students can participate in all the PSAL sports offered at the campus: Baseball, Basketball, Football, Track, Wresting, Golf, Cricket, Lacrosse, Tennis, Volleyball, and many more.

    In addition, we hope to offer additional clubs such as Latin Dance, Hip Hop, Hiking Club, Chess Club, and Choir.

    • We are starting this fall with just a 9th grade class. Each year we will add another 9th grade, and we will be a full four-year school starting in September 2016. This fall, our freshman will be taking the following classes: Advisory, a double block of Algebra (or Geometry), a double block of English, Global History, Biology, and a Computer Lab. As we grow, we will offer electives such as psychology/sociology.

    • When the uniforms arrive, we will be contacting parents to let them know when they can come in to the building to buy the uniforms. We will also be selling the uniforms during our Summer Bridge program which will be Tuesday, Aug. 27th – Wed. Aug 28th from 9am – 1pm at the school.

    • This school is brand new, so this September we will start with just 9th graders. Each year, as we accept another incoming 9th grade class, the school will grow until we are a full, four year high school starting in September of 2016.

  3. Hi, my son would like to do the math academy staring 8/5/13, but we haven’t received anything. How can he register?

    • The starter package is $50 for 2 polo shirts with school logo, 2 gym shirts, and a school logo cardigan sweaters. Uniforms can be purchased at the school starting on Monday, August 26th. Pants should be solid black or blue, no cargo pants, jeans, or leggings. Shoes must be solid black sneakers, shoes, or boots, but no colors at all (including nike swooshes, soles, anything with color).

    • We offer ICT classes, which means that our classes are co-taught by a Special Education teacher and a General Eduacation teacher, and the students are a mix of SpEd and GenEd and students move from class to class.

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