School starts Monday, September 9th!

Please arrive at school before 8:00am in order to get through scanning and be on time to your first period class, which starts at 8:14am.  Be sure to get your uniform now.  The office will be open on Tuesday and Wednesday, September 3rd & 4th, for uniform sales.  Enjoy your last week of summer!

15 thoughts on “School starts Monday, September 9th!

  1. We expect all students to purchase their uniform in advance of the first day of school so that all students are in uniform starting the first day. We will be in the office tomorrow and Wednesday of this week. Stop by any time.

  2. my daughter was at the summer bridge program i am just inquiring she did not take her school id will they take them on monday the 9th?

    • Pictures will be taken within the first week of school and ID cards will be made right after. Your daughter will not have a problem entering the school because none of the freshmen in the Lehman HS building will have their ID picture taken until the first week of school.

  3. will anyone be available on thurs or fri to purchase the school uniform? Or can you let me know the exact colors and I will find it elsewhere. Please advise.

    • Ms. Perrin,

      All NYC public schools are closed on Thursday and Friday due to religious holidays. We will be selling the uniform all next week and will be staying until 6pm if you need to come after work. The uniform shirt and gym shirt have the school logo so you must purchase them at the school. Thank you.

  4. I already picked up my uniform already first time wearing uniform but i think its going to be ok the school looks nice see everyone Monday

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