The Bronx River High School exists in order to ensure that our students are ready for the academic and social rigors of a college education.
We strive to create a challenging learning environment that encourages high expectations for all students through development-appropriate instruction that allows for individual differences and learning styles. Our mission is to ensure that all students are “college-ready” when they graduate, in addition to building a strong moral character that stresses the value of caring for ourselves, each other, our school, and the larger community in which we live.

Our school is built upon the following 5 Core Values:

Love of Learning

  • We believe that all students can learn and want to learn, no matter how they express their desire to learn
  • As human beings, we experience one of the deepest and most profound feelings of satisfaction when we understand that we have truly learned something new
  • As teachers, our deepest sense of personal satisfaction is when we know that we have had a positive impact on the life of a child
  • We believe that students learn best when instruction is varied in its practice and is individualized to students’ particular learning styles in order to fully engage and motivate our students
  • Collaboration brings the greatest results, between teachers, between students
  • Students develop higher levels of mastery when they can apply learned knowledge and skills to new situation.


  • We believe the future will be better based on our efforts, and we want to put in the effort to realize that future
  • We don’t get hung up on frustrations and setbacks.


  • We have the strength to hang in when the going gets tough and consistently rise up to face all the challenges in our lives and school
  • We set high goals and persevere in achieving those goals
  • We understand that mistakes are part of learning, and failure leads to strength
  • We strive to live our lives honestly, both academically and socially

Intellectual Curiosity

  • If you are not asking questions, you are not thinking.
  • We learn best when the curriculum offers creative opportunities and activities
  • Students are curious to apply learned knowledge and skills to new, real-world situations


  • Before anyone cares about what you know, he/she wants to know you care
  • We must put ourselves in the shoes of others before passing judgment, treating someone harshly, or speaking cruelly about others.  We have compassion
  • We care about ourselves, others, our school environment, and the larger community in which we live
  • We understand that we are responsible for our own actions or inactions, and we know that we are free to choose them


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