Instructional Vision

At the Bronx River High School, we believe in the power of collaboration among everyone in our learning community, teachers, students and other adults. Here you will find an exceptional staff of highly qualified, dedicated teachers that share one passion: creating an exceptional school to achieve the best result for our students. In order to fulfill our mission we offer the following programs and services:


Advisory: We have a strong Advisory program, where our students will have the same Teacher Advisor for their entire high school career.  Our advisories focus on the development of a strong web of social and emotional support for our students, as well the development of a strong moral character.  Our Teacher Advisors create the partnership between our school and our families, ensuring direct and frequent communication.


College Preparation:  Students are scheduled for a College Prep class during their Junior and Senior year, where we guide students through the entire college application process including SAT/ACT prep.  We offer partnerships with colleges and frequent college visits,  


Blue Engine: Through a partnership with Blue Engine, we have highly qualified Teaching Assistants in every Math and ELA class, offering a 5:1 teacher to student ratio (see the website: )


Online Access for Grades & Attendance:  We offer a web based application,, which gives students, parents and teachers access to grades and attendance anywhere and anytime through the internet.


6 thoughts on “Instructional Vision

    • Starting Monday, we are offering an Algebra Regents Academy for all incoming freshman who scored a Level 3 or 4 on the NYS Math test. We will prepare for the Regents exam on Tuesday, Aug. 13th. Should a student achieve a score of 80 or above (the SUNY/CUNY College Readiness Index), they will begin freshman year in Geometry and therefore be one year advanced, putting them on track to take AP Calculus in their senior year. For English, students will sit for the ELA Regents at the end of sophomore year and then have the option of AP Language in their junior year and AP Literature in the senior year. We are also considering offering AP World History as a 9th/10th grade course in place of a regents Global History course if we have students interested. Additionally, we are a NYC iLearn school, which gives our students access to over 90 online courses.

    • As of now, students will have one online course, Achieve3000, programmed into the school day. Additionally, teachers will have the option to incorporate laptops and online content throughout their course. If a student chooses, they can use the computer lab after school to access many different courses that we have access to.

  1. this school is a very fun school from the time being i was there thanks alot for showing me new things i miss ya all hope to see everyone soon take care

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