Bell Schedule

The bell schedule for The Bronx River High School is as follows.  It is recommended that students be to school by 8:00 am in order to go through scanning and arrive at their first period class on time.    All schools on the campus have the same bell schedule.

Period Start End
1 8:15 AM  9:00 AM
2 9:03 AM  9:48 AM
3 9:51 AM 10:36 AM
4 10:39 AM 11:24 AM
5 11:27AM 12:12 PM
6 12:15 PM  1:00 PM
7 1:03 PM  1:48 PM
8 1:51 PM  2:35 PM

15 thoughts on “Bell Schedule

    • The only wear to transfer to our school now is through the Office of Student Enrollment at 1230 Zerega Avenue, Bronx, 10462 718-935-2278. They would decide if they will honor any transfers outside of the student choice process.

    • Our Freshman Summer Bridge Program will be on Wednesday, September 2 and Thursday, September 3 from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm. During Summer Bridge, students will meet with their Advisory Teachers and fellow students in their Advisories. Students will participate in fun activities, building tours, and review their schedule and school policies. Also, uniforms will be available for purchase at that time. Yellow bus services are for special education students whose IEP states that the student requires bussing. That is set up through the Office of Pupil Transportation. You can call our office at 718-904-4210 if you are unsure if you have an IEP with bussing services.

  1. Im excited that I applied to this school and im happy to go but i have a question on the uniform; where should you purchase it?

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