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Phone:           (718) 904-4210

Fax:                 (718) 904-4209

Address:        The Bronx River High School, Herbert Lehman Educational Campus, 3000 East Tremont Avenue, Room 452,  Bronx, NY 10461

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  1. Hello, can you please tell me what the address of this new school is going to be. I’m not sure if you are actually located at Herbert Lehman Campus.

    Vidiya Cancel

      • Since the school is having a new schedule,will you mail home the new dismissal and bell schedule home,by the middle or end of summer vacation,I also wanted to know are buses going to take two weeks to set up or a minimum so I can be aware how to send my child to school.

      • Letters were backpacked home with students in June, and letters will be mailed home in early August. The new bell schedule is already approved by the DOE and will be reflected in new bus schedules. In mid-August, we will get a list of students who have approved bussing from the DOE with route numbers, and the DOE will also send letters to parents with route numbers.

    • My daughter will be attending this fall as a freshman can will there be a supply list mailed out to parents so that we can be prepared ahead of time

      • A supply list will be posted to the website later this week, as well as mailed home. All items listed on the supply list will be available for purchase through our school store in the main office.

  2. my daughter will be attending attending this school in September 2013. when do I attend an orientation with her?

  3. Do you have any additional information about the school i.e. after school programs other than sports and partnerships?

  4. My daughter will attend this school in September – she is extremely happy. Do I have to wait on another acceptance letter from the school or I just have to attend the open house on June 17, 2013 at 6PM? Thanks.

    • Your daughter is on our official accepted freshman list provided by the DOE. You should have received a Round 2 Acceptance Letter. You may want to have her middle school guidance counselor reprint the letter. See you tomorrow

  5. Hi, My son was accepted to the school. However, we were unable to attend the June 17, 2013 open house. Please advise as to whether or not there will be another opportunity for an open house or if there will be any further contact with students prior to September. How will the student know where to report and what the needs are?

    • We will be sending out letters will all the details regarding the summer schedule shortly. Our Summer Bridge program will be August 27-28 from 9am – 12pm at the school. In addition, our office should be open by July 19th. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

  6. Principal Fucheck,

    Hi my name is Darren Jones and i will be attending at your school Bronx River High School,i have a question to ask, What is the dress code to your school

    • Darren –

      Thanks for reaching out. Our uniform is a polo shirt with our logo, black or navy blue pants (i.e. dickies, chinos, etc… but NO cargo pants), and solid black shoes, sneakers or boots. Black nikes with a red swoosh are no good. The shoes must be solid black (including the sole). We expect to have our uniform shirts in by next week. We will post on the website when the shirts are available.

  7. My daughter is very interested in starting a girls swim team at your school. How can we make this happen?

    • The Lehman building does not have a pool. in the past, the PSAL sports program paid for students to use pools at other locations, that was discontinued due to budget cuts. If we wanted to create a swim team now, we would have to find out how much interest there is and how much it would cost to use another facility and hire buses, and then see if PSAL would pay for it. We would also have to find someone willing to coach who is Lifeguard and CPR certified. Your daughter can work with our Assistant Principal to get all the information.

  8. Hi I wanted to know what time does my daughter have to be at the school tomorrow for the algbra regents academy

    • The Regents Academy starts at 9:00 and runs until 1:00 pm. It will be located at our sister school, Metropolitan Soundview High School, at 1300 Boynton Avenue in the James Monroe Educational Campus.

  9. also first day of school is Sep 9th correct??? And will my son have to attend both orientations on 8/27 & 8/28 or will it be the same information for both days??

    • Yes, the first official day of school is September 9th. However, we ask all freshman to come in both days on Aug. 27th and 28th to meet their advisory teacher, tour the school, buy their uniforms, and meet their fellow classmates. Students will come in from 9am to 12 pm on those two days.

    • The list has been posted on the home page. All students will be provided a binder, looseleaf and section tabs. If a class requires a journal, then a marble composition book will be provided for the student. All handouts will be hole-punched and expected to put into the students binder within the proper subject section. Students should purchase the following list of supplies:

      1) Pens

      2) Pencils

      3) Erasers

      4) Backpack

      Students are expected to bring their binder to school everyday, as well as pens and pencils.

  10. Perhaps the question was not phrased properly. My question is How many 9th grade classes will there be? The 108 students will be divided into how many classes, meaning how many students will be in each class?

  11. Also, I have not received any information regarding uniforms. What will be availiable for purchase such as whether or not there will be button down vest, or pull over vest, polo shirts or dress shirts for purchase? How much is each, so that the student know what he will be able to purchase?

    • A letter was just mailed on Friday. Uniforms will be available for purchase starting on Monday, August 26th. The office will be open from 8:30 am to 5pm each day. The starter package is $50 for 2 polo shirts, 2 gym shirts, and 1 cardigan sweater. The uniform consists of a school logo polo shirt, solid black or blue pants (dickies, chinos, etc… no jeans, no leggings, no cargo pants) and solid black shoes, sneakers, boots. Students must wear the school cardigan, no hoodies.

    • We will be a having a Back to School Night in September, and will be presenting information on the PTA. Be on the look out for a letter regarding the date. We are hoping for many parents who will volunteer to serve on the PTA. Thank you.

  12. I Have a child with an IEP and i am going in for the conference on Aug 21 @ 7pm will the uniforms be ready for sale on that day at that time???

    • Unfortunately, we have to reschedule the IEP meeting because the building is not open this week. We have rescheduled for Wednesay, Aug. 28th @ 7pm. Yes, we will sell uniforms at that time. Please let us know if you can make the new date. Thank you.

  13. Where can I find the results of the regents exam my daughter took? Also, why is it so difficult to get anyone on the phone? This message board is a VERY ineffective way for parents to communicate with the school.

    • Renee,

      Hopefully you received the email response from the school yesterday. As mentioned in the email, our new office phone number is (718) 904-4210, and was just set up last week. Also, as indicated on the “Contact Us” page of this website, our email address is Please feel free to call or email anytime.

  14. Thank you Renee. Yesterday I appeared at the school at 7pm as I was told in an email that there was going to be a meeting. I walked around that entire campus look for any resemblance of a human being. I did encounter two, both construction workers who actually went back inside to make sure he was giving me accurate information that NO ONE was in the building. I never was informed about the first meeting and that was explained to me in a email, and was understood. Clearly its on the message board that the rescheduled meeting was yesterday 8/28/2013 @7pm. I dont do dysfunction well and can say I am truly annoyed. I truly hope this is no indication as to how the school will be ran. I chose a new school because I know the board of ED as it exist has not options for students such as mine who did not make ii into the catholic school system. I am hoping that there is some reasonable explanation for make me spend $16.00 in cab fare and rush from work.

    • Our apologies for your troubles. Yes, there was a meeting for parents of students with IEP’s scheduled for Wednesday, Aug. 28th at 7pm. Since school is not in session, and this was an after hours event, a permit had to be filed with School Safety in order to have School Safety Agents on the premises at that time. This school filed and paid for a permit in order to host that meeting. However, School Safety miscommunicated with their staff and no school safety agents remained on premises that evening. Our Assistant Principal, Ms. Malloy, attempted to call every parent who was asked to come in to cancel the meeting.

      Please email or call us directly to ensure we have the right contact information for you and your child. I would like to try to figure out why we were unable to get you the message in time. Again, our apologies for you troubles.

      Mr. Fucheck

      • I previously resent you all of our contact information, which you had correct. My son probably was not on the list because his IEP does not recomment self contained. However, he still receive some services and I was hoping to hear from the individual that would handle this part of curriculum. Hopefully parent teachers will work out, at this point it seems fruitless to continuoulsy schedule this meeting

      • st,

        Please contact the school on Monday September 9th after 8:00am so we can make sure your son is receiving all of the services he is supposed to receive on his IEP. Our permanent phone # is (718) 904-4210. Just as a precaution in advance,please do not share your or your son’s name on this blog because this is confidential information. We look forward to talking to you about this matter.

  15. Im just seeing the post that uniforms can be purchased Tuesday and Wednesday, which clearly eliminates Thursday or Friday. Im hopeful uniform will be availiable the first day. He will arrive by 7:30am so that he can purchase his uniform.

  16. Hi is their goin to be another fall open house because on October 29th at 6 i cant attend because im attending at schuylerville prepatory in the lehman campus. Are you goin to be doing the open house with Schuylerviller prepatory high school?

  17. is the school gooing to extend fridays from 12:20 to 3:36 becuase i feel the kids should cram in order to suceed.they really need it so they wont fail because my daughters old school did so what are you going to do? my daughter says the midterms are coming next week. and she cant stay for elt t so what is going to happen?

    • The school day is extended Monday through Thursday to 3:36 from the normal school end time of 2:50 pm. We cannot extend the school day on Fridays because that would put us over the contractual amount of minutes for teachers. However, we also have Extended Learning Time after school from 3:36 to 5:30pm Monday through Thursday with our tutors. Also, students can request tutoring during Lunch and before school as well. Some teachers do stay after school on Fridays if students request extra help.

  18. Advisory is a key component of our school model. All students are assigned an Advisory teacher who remains that student’s Advisor for all four years. The Advisor develops a deep understanding of the student’s academic and emotional needs, and helps ensure that the student is on track.

    • Letters were backpacked home with students in June, and letters will be mailed home in early August. The new bell schedule is already approved by the DOE and will be reflected in new bus schedules. In mid-August, we will get a list of students who have approved bussing from the DOE with route numbers, and the DOE will also send letters to parents with route numbers.

  19. To be on the safe side for students andparents ,can you give one last call before the first day tommorow for the kidsarents to be on the safe side or in the morning on the first day because some kids did not know about the new dismissal even the incoming freshmen.

    • Your child must fill out a High School Choice application with their current middle school guidance counselor. Currently, we only have 8 seats open for Round 2 and the deadline to submit to your guidance counselor is this Friday, March 20.

  20. i would like my son to come to this school contact me throught my email or send an application to 2115 vyse ave apt#3A zip 10460 thank you very much

    • Thank you for your interest in our school. Unfortunately, enrollment can only occur through the Enrollment Offices. You can go the Bronx Enrollment Office at 1230 Zerega Avenue and see if they could place your son in our school. We are currently full for our freshman class but you never know if they may accommodate you.

  21. Are there lockers now ? Are phones permitted at lunch ? How would you place a sophomore who has taken English 9 and 10 and global /geography 1 and 2 and passed the global regents in 9th and living environment in 8th ?

    • All placements are done through the enrollment office at Zerega avenue. Individual schools do not have the ability to transfer students. Feel free to call our office at (718) 904-4210 if you have any questions.

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