Why We Wear Uniform

Bronx River High School is a uniform school and students are expected to be in uniform everyday for the entire day.  Wearing uniform builds a sense of community within our school.  It promotes unity and school spirit, creating a safer environment.  Uniform helps remove the barriers and distractions brought on by materialistic belongings and directs our students to focus fully on their academic achievements and overall performance. Uniforms are available for purchase year-round at the school. 


Tops:  All BRHS shirts including

Green BRHS collared shirt
Green BRHS dry-fit shirt
Black BRHS hoodie or sweater
National Honor Society collared shirt
Blue BRHS button-down with at least 3 buttons closed (for 11th and 12th grade only) 
BRHS branded gear purchased through our Fan Cloth fundraiser 2x per year
BRHS shirts from various school events
PSAL sports uniforms and clothes may be worn on game days only
Not permitted: wearing non-BRHS shirts or sweatshirts 

Bottoms:  Black or Navy bottoms

Solid black or navy slacks, jeans, cargo pants, sweatpants, leggings, athletic 
shorts, shorts, skirts
Not permitted: blue jeans, black/navy pants with white or colored stripes down the sides 
or large logos
Headgear: Students are permitted to wear headscarves that are an expression of religious beliefs.  Students are not permitted to wear headscarves that are not a religious expression, du-rags, bandanas, hats, or other non-religious head coverings. 
There are certain occasions throughout the year that students will have a dress down day when they do not have to wear uniform.  Everyday, including dress down days, students’ clothing must cover all undergarments and private parts; students are not permitted to wear clothing with profanity, or with words or pictures that depict sexual acts, drug or alcohol use, weapons,  violence, or violate the DOE policy on harassement.  

If you are unable to wear uniform or need financial assistance purchasing uniform,

please come to the restorative justice center in Room 400